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RFID Tags Used Inside Metal

Feb. 24, 2020

Enterprise inventory management is really time-consuming and laborious. Not only does the company need to spend labor costs, but it also interferes with daily work due to improper management. Using UHF RFID Sticker to help the company manage the inventory can significantly reduce the time the company needs to spend and significantly improve work efficiency. The RFID inventory management model has long only helped those "easy-to-use RFID" companies, while keeping those companies with mostly metal items in their inventory. Companies can only use expensive active and battery-assisted RFID systems to manage important metal assets, but this is not in line with the company's long-term considerations for cost economy. With the recent rapid development of passive RFID technology, near-metal environments, even RFID tags that directly act on metal surfaces, have already appeared on the market, and the scope of enterprises using RFID inventory management models has expanded.

UHF RFID Sticker

UHF RFID Sticker

However, in the initial manufacture and use of RFID Sticker Label Tag, there is still a step that will cost the enterprise. When RFID tags mounted on the surface of an asset are exposed to the external environment, they are easily damaged intentionally and are greatly affected by natural loss. Many companies have demanded an RFID solution that can be seamlessly and invisibly integrated into their products during manufacturing.

In addition to inventory management, embedded RFID technology is also valuable for certification management. Financial institutions such as Visa, American Express, and Discovery have installed RFID in credit cards to verify the identity of consumers who use instant payment mechanisms in retail and food stores. Car manufacturers have also embedded RFID tags in car keys and entered information to unlock and start the car to prevent others from copying the car key to steal the car. Therefore, by installing RFID in assets that require authentication, it is possible to perform security authentication on these assets.

The assets that are embedded with RFID tags at the production stage, because they already have or semi-equipped RFID functions, make it have a different market competitiveness than other similar products. With the scale of asset production, the cost of embedding RFID tags is even lower than the customer's later purchase of assets with real-time inventory visibility.

For a manufacturer that sells thousands of blade servers to financial institutions and large companies every year, he not only needs to provide customers with products that already have RFID capabilities, help customers build database centers that can cooperate with RFID tag deployment, Make sure these labels are not easily damaged in daily use.

In addition, when the server is returned for repair or is recovered for other reasons, the RFID inside the asset can still perform real-time management during the repair or recovery phase.

In the past, metallic materials have been a challenge in using RFID. However, RFID technology that can read and write on metal surfaces has matured. However, the tags embedded in the metal still cannot read or write normally, or the reading distance is very limited. Now, Xerafy has completely conquered the technology of RFID reading and writing in metal, and embedded RFID solutions have become possible.

Embedded RFID products have excellent use functions and economical production costs. These functions implemented by RFID in the past can only be applied to RFID-compatible materials, such as plastic. Innovative technologies now make RFID embedded in metals possible, a boon for customers in the metal asset space.

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