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RFID Technology Makes Intelligent Development Of Drones

Sep. 03, 2019

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With the development of science and technology, drone delivery has become a trend, and international giants at home and abroad are competing for layout. RFID Sticker Label Supplier thinks that the application of drones is far more than just delivery. It plays an important role in power patrol, forest fire prevention, remote sensing mapping, agricultural plant protection, etc. The data reading function of the man-machine during the flight, then it will usher in a new stage of intelligent development.



Recently, studies have shown that the combination of RFID technology and UAV may be able to achieve the above functions, and his application scenarios are concentrated in the control of large industrial and industrial equipment. Take the management of oilfield pipe fittings as an example. In general, there are tens of thousands of drill pipes in each oil field. These pipes are usually distributed in various areas of the oil field, so managing them is a time-consuming task. If the RFID technology is combined with the drone, the data reading during the flight can be realized, thereby utilizing the drone to effectively manage the pipe fittings in the area.

In addition, there is data showing that UAVs using RFID technology read tags attached to steel drills or utility pipes at distances of approximately 12 feet, or passive UHF RFID within 12 feet. Labels can be read, not only that, but statistics show that the accuracy is as high as 95% or more.

This not only effectively improves the efficiency of manual management, but also greatly reduces errors. Of course, the drone needs to be managed by a dedicated person to maintain the equipment to ensure sufficient power.

The combination of RFID and drones can also effectively improve inventory search. Compared to barcodes, the information contained on RFID tags can be changed more widely and easily, and is also cheaper.

In addition, the combination of RFID technology and drones can manage inventory and coordinate supply chains, reduce labor costs, optimize inventory levels, and track assets.

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