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The Introduction to RFID UHF Warehouse Management

Jul. 05, 2019

At present, RFID technology is bringing a huge change to the supply chain field to identify the advantages that distances, speed, damage, and capacity are incomparable, simplifying complicated workflows and effectively improving the efficiency and transparency of the supply chain.

Warehouse Management UHF RFID Card

Warehouse Management UHF RFID Card

RFID Warehouse Management System introduces RFID technology into existing warehouse management, using Warehouse Management UHF RFID Card automatically collects data for each operation link such as warehouse arrival inspection, storage, delivery, transfer, transfer shift, inventory count, etc. The speed and accuracy of data input in all aspects of warehouse management ensure that the company can accurately and accurately grasp the real data of the inventory and reasonably maintain and control the enterprise inventory. Through the scientific coding, it is also convenient to manage the batch and shelf life of the items. By using the system's location management function, it is possible to grasp the current location of all inventory materials in time, which is conducive to improving production efficiency and reducing operating costs, which is very important for enterprises.

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