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The Silicone RFID Wristband Completes Management And System of Prison Staff

Mar. 20, 2019

With the gradual improvement of the prison management system and the continuous updating of prison administration facilities, the ability of prisons to prevent and control various security incidents has been greatly enhanced. However, as the types of crimes and the composition of the prisoners become more complex, the retaliatory, murderous and deceitful nature of the offenders is enhanced, and the impetuous mentality and restlessness are enhanced. If they are not careful, they will take risks and take the opportunity to take hostages and escape. Suicide, murder, jail time, and the prisoner’s personal safety and the continued stability of the site have been extremely adversely affected. Based on these facts and years of research on prison work, the Silicone RFID Wristband RFID technology Networked management application, which uses a secure and reliable automatic identification system in a special environment such as a regulatory site to distinguish, identify, track and locate detainees, protect internal staff and manage visitors, and integrate information systems. Each person's information is linked to each person's dynamics in reality, actively identifying and automatically alerting according to the set rules.

The RFID Tamper Proof Sticker radio frequency identification technology is used to realize the functions of identification, tracking and trajectory query through the information transmission between the reader and the electronic tag. In the indoor and outdoor rooms, floors, plazas, fences, passages, etc. in the prison, the base stations are arranged as required to achieve signal coverage, and the corresponding electronic tags are distributed to the prisoners and items to be monitored and the prison guards and items to be protected. Prison inmates wear RFID bracelets and prisoner wristbands, and install base stations in prisons, factories, and hospitals. This allows real-time control of the number of detainees. When detainees leave or enter an illegal area without authorization, the system will alarm. Handle in a timely manner. For the prisoner to use a non-discrete detachable wristband, the prisoner's wristband will automatically alarm and record the historical movement trajectory of each prisoner if there is any signal or damage.

Silicone RFID Wristband

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