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Can The Four Types Of RFID Systems Help Reduce Touch During An Outbreak?

Apr. 22, 2020

In order to prevent the spread of new coronaviruses, it is necessary to reduce touch. In addition to daily protective equipment such as masks. RFID systems can also be used to reduce unnecessary contact. We can divide the RFID system into four types according to the different functions completed by the RFID system.

1. Electronic surveillance technology

Electronic surveillance technology (Electronic Article Surveillance, EAS) is an RFID technology installed at the doorway that needs to control the entry and exit of articles. Proximity Rfid Cards can be used. Typical applications of this technology are stores, libraries, data centers and other places. When unauthorized persons illegally remove items from these places, the EAS system will issue a warning. When applying the EAS technology, first attach the EAS label to the item. When the item is normally purchased or legally removed, the EAS tag is deactivated by a certain device at the checkout point, and the item can be removed. When an item passes through a doorway equipped with an EAS system, the EAS device can automatically detect the activity of the tag, and the EAS system that detects the active tag will issue a warning. The application of EAS technology can effectively prevent items from being stolen, whether it is a large item or a very small item. With EAS technology, items no longer need to be locked in glass cabinets, allowing customers to view and inspect products freely. This is of great practical significance in the increasingly popular choice today.

Proximity Rfid Cards

Proximity Rfid Cards

2. Portable data acquisition system

The portable data collection system uses a handheld data collector with an RFID reader to collect the data on the High Frequency RFID Sticker. This kind of system has greater flexibility and is suitable for application environments where fixed RFID systems are not suitable.

The handheld reader (data input terminal) can transmit data to the host computer system in real time through radio wave data transmission (RFDC) while reading the data, or it can temporarily store the data in the reader, and then batch one Transfer data to the host computer system in batches.

3. Logistics control system

In the logistics control system, fixedly arranged RFID readers are distributed in a given area, and the readers are directly connected to the data management information system, the signal transmitter is mobile, and is generally installed on moving objects and people. When objects and people pass through the reader, the reader will automatically scan the information on the label and input the data information into the data management information system for storage, analysis, and processing to achieve the purpose of controlling logistics.

4. Positioning system

The positioning system is used for positioning in an automated processing system and for supporting positioning of vehicles, ships, etc. The reader is placed on a moving vehicle, ship, or moving material, semi-finished product, or finished product in an automated assembly line. The signal transmitter is embedded under the surface of the operating environment, where the location identification information is stored; the reader is generally connected to Main information management system.

During the epidemic, protect yourself and reduce touch. The China RFID Blocking Card is here for you to use.

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