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Why Is It That Smart Transportation Is Inseparable From RFID In The Future?

Nov. 19, 2019

As one of the key technologies of security and Internet of Things, RFID is increasingly rich in related products and system solutions, and the market application is gradually deepening, and the application field is expanding and expanding. With the development of intelligent transportation RFID technology has also ushered in new opportunities, stand out in many wireless connection communication and identification technology. While promoting intelligent transportation, RFID technology has also been able to develop applications more deeply.

The rapid spread of RFID technology is inseparable from its many performance characteristics, such as the use of Hotel Keycard RFID Low Frequency Card for fast scanning, compact size, diverse shapes, reusable, penetrating and barrier-free reading. It has the advantages of large data memory capacity, anti-pollution ability and durability and other environmental adaptability. RFID technology is increasingly applied to urban traffic management. This technology is an important carrier used in the transportation field. It is called automotive electronic identification, also known as electronic license plate. It is an ultra-high frequency radio frequency identification technology. And an electronic ID card formed by combining other related technologies.

HF RFID Sticker

HF RFID Sticker

The car electronic identification system communicates with the electronic license plate high-speed reading and writing device arranged on the urban road section by installing an HF RFID Sticker for storing the vehicle identity data on the inside of the front windshield of the vehicle, which can be inside the HF RFID sticker. The data is read and written to realize the identification and monitoring of the vehicle automatically, non-contact and without stopping.

At the same time, combined with the original traffic information collection and traffic management platform, it can fully meet the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security "real-time monitoring, networked control, automatic alarm, rapid response, scientific, efficient, information sharing", and achieve true digital, intelligent, Fine traffic management has fundamentally eliminated the “blind spot” of road traffic management in time and space, expanded the monitoring period and monitoring scope of traffic management, and improved the intensity of urban traffic management to provide a smart transportation system for smart cities. Key data services.

The popular application of automotive electronic identification system can accurately monitor urban traffic data in real time. The traffic data processed by big data can be used as data support for urban traffic congestion prediction and traffic planning. RFID-based automotive electronic identification urban transportation system can adapt to a variety of collection environments, can still accurately identify low-visibility, multi-lane vehicles at normal speed, improve the real-time and accuracy of urban traffic management, and make urban traffic more scientific And intelligent.

The system can also monitor vehicle yellow-green information and vehicle exhaust emissions, and play a major role in creating a green and environmentally friendly urban transportation environment. In addition, the RFID electronic technology based on RFID technology has formed a complete security system for anti-cloning, anti-counterfeiting, anti-tampering and anti-illegal reading. It can be used for illegal decks such as fake decks, burglary vehicles, etc. And retrospective, regional traffic dynamic control and other vehicle-related public security management applications, improve vehicle screening capabilities, and accurately combat all types of illegal activities involving vehicles.

RFID optimizes operation and management of the whole industry, can accurately check vehicle payment information, improve the collection rate of various vehicle-related fees, and also help to improve the efficiency of urban traffic. Travelers can accurately and accurately predict road congestion conditions and road conditions. Such information is reasonably arranged, and appropriate transportation is selected to promote the rational distribution of urban traffic flow. Take Beijing as an example. In recent years, Beijing’s traffic management has been unable to curb the traffic congestion trend from single-double to limited purchase. In the end, it can only achieve congestion charging through electronic identification, and it is low-carbon while relieving traffic pressure. Provide technical support for distinguishing the time limit of vehicles and the differential collection of sewage charges.

The above is the description of the High Frequency RFID Blocking Card supplier for RFID technology in the future, I hope to help everyone.

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