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What is RFID?

Jan. 03, 2019

The most basic electronic label system consists of three parts:

(1) UHF RFID Sticker Label: consists of a coupling element and a chip, each tag has a unique electronic code, and the high-capacity electronic tag has a user-writable storage space attached to the object to identify the target object;

(2) Reader: A device that reads (and sometimes writes) tag information, which can be designed to be handheld or fixed;

(3) Antenna: The RF signal is transmitted between the tag and the reader.

Features of electronic Customized RFID Sticker: Data storage: Compared with traditional forms of tags, the capacity is larger (1 bit - 1024 bit), data can be updated at any time, can be read and written;

Read and write speed: Compared with barcode, it does not need linear alignment scanning, and the reading and writing speed is faster, and multi-target recognition and motion recognition can be performed;

Easy to use: small size, easy to package, can be embedded in the product;

Security: dedicated chip, serial number unique, difficult to copy;

Durable: no mechanical failure, long life, and resistance to harsh environments;

Sensing effect: much better than normal.

UHF RFID Sticker Label

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