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What Is The Difference Between RFID Tags And Barcodes?

Dec. 30, 2019

With the development of society, various bar codes are constantly appearing around us. Basically, each product has its own "who" when shopping.

Bar code identity, then what is the difference between the ordinary bar code tags and RFID tags in these bar codes? The following RFID Sticker Label Supplier will tell everyone.

Bar codes are graphic identifiers that arrange multiple black bars and spaces of varying widths according to certain coding rules to express a set of information. Bar code recognition is the principle of photoelectric conversion. The bar code scanner scans the light out of the hair and illuminates the bar code. The black and white bars of the bar code reflect the light differently. The scan head converts the reflected light into an electrical signal and decodes it according to the code system specifications data, bar code cannot be modified after printing.

1. Only one barcode can be read at a time。

2. The integrity of the barcode must be ensured during reading. Damaged barcodes, frost and snow covered, and water damaged barcodes cannot be read; barcodes have poor dirt resistance and durability, and barcodes cannot be read if damaged.

3. The barcode can only be used once. The content of the barcode cannot be changed after printing.

4. It takes a lot of time to read the barcode, which requires close-range alignment reading.

5. Small data storage.

RFID Hard Tag

RFID Sticker Label Tag is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It uses radio frequency signals to identify target objects and obtain related data. No manual intervention is required for identification. RFID technology has the waterproof, magnetic, high temperature resistance, Long life, large reading distance, data on the tag can be encrypted, storage data capacity is larger, and stored information can be easily changed.

1.Sturdy and durable, will not be affected by the environment, can withstand high temperature and water, acid and alkali.

2. RFID data storage: Compared with the traditional form of tags, the capacity is large, and the data can be updated at any time.

3. RFID tag's unique identifier cannot be copied, it is a unique number, which can be used for anti-counterfeiting. Tags can be reused.

4. Can penetrate non-metal or non-transparent materials such as paper, wood and plastic, and can read through communication.

In short, the barcode technology is more mature, making labels and applications is easier, and the cost is lower. Paper materials are usually used for barcode labels. Bar code recognition requires scanner light scanning recognition, which is less efficient than RFID. The optical identification of bar codes is not as good as that of RFID tags in terms of data security. RFID carries electronic information, and its data content can be protected by a password, making its content difficult to be forged and altered.

The above is the difference between RFID tags and barcodes introduced by RFID Hard Tag supplier. I hope to help everyone.

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