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Wuhan Square Cabin Hospital Uses LoT Technologies such as RFID

Mar. 16, 2020

Currently, Wuhan has established 13 “cabin hospitals” to receive patients. So, what is the reason for the large hospitals to manage personnel and materials in an orderly way? The answer is: the Internet of Things.

Wuhan Square Cabin Hospital has a large site and a large number of patients. In order to realize the real-time positioning and dynamic management of personnel and materials in the hospital, and greatly improve the management efficiency of the Square Cabin Hospital, the National Special Integrated Circuit System Engineering Technology Research Center Low-power IoT positioning products.

The Internet of Things is to use RFID, infrared sensors, global positioning systems, laser scanners and other information sensing equipment to connect any item with the Internet in accordance with the agreed protocol for information exchange and communication to realize the intelligentization of items. A network of identification, location, tracking, monitoring and management.

Medical staff and patients wear positioning tags; positioning tags are installed on medical equipment, and positioning data is transmitted to the cloud platform through the IoT gateway. The system can monitor the real-time position and movement trajectory of patients in the hospital within the active area, and provide information services such as cross-border alarm When the patient in the hospital encounters an emergency, one-touch call can be realized through the positioning tag worn. The system can realize the real-time statistics of the number and area distribution of various types of personnel in the opposite cabin hospital and the visiting area and time management of the inspectors in the hospital. At the same time, asset tracking and management can be performed on medical equipment installed with positioning tags in the hospital.

The Internet of Things can use sensing devices such as RFID Sticker Label Tag, two-dimensional code, and smart sensors to obtain various types of information about objects. Through the integration of the Internet and wireless networks, information of objects can be transmitted in real time and accurately for information exchange and sharing. Various intelligent technologies can be used to analyze and process the data and information sent to realize the intelligence of monitoring and control. According to the above characteristics of the Internet of Things, combined with the point of view of information science, around the flow of information, the functions of the Internet of Things can be summarized.

RFID Sticker Label Tag

RFID Sticker Label Tag

Four positioning technologies for the Internet of Things

First, WIFI positioning technology

Each wireless AP has a globally unique MAC address, and generally speaking, wireless APs will not move for a period of time. When Wi-Fi is turned on, the device can scan and collect surrounding AP signals, whether or not Encryption, whether it is connected, or even the signal strength is not enough to display in the wireless signal list, can get the MAC address broadcast by the AP.

Second, Bluetooth positioning technology

Based on the RSSI (Signal Strength) value, positioning is performed using the principle of triangular positioning.

Network-side positioning: Beacon, smart terminal, Bluetooth gateway, server (location engine, database), etc. When the smart terminal enters the coverage of the Beacon signal, the received RSSI value is uploaded to the server through the Bluetooth gateway, the positioning engine processes it, and it can be managed and checked in the management background.

Third, RFID indoor positioning technology

Radio frequency identification indoor positioning technology uses radio frequency method. The fixed antenna adjusts the radio signal into an electromagnetic field. The tag attached to the article generates an induced current after the magnetic field and transmits the data. The data is exchanged through multiple pairs of two-way communication to achieve the purpose of identification and triangulation. Radio frequency identification indoor positioning technology has a short working distance, but it can obtain centimeter-level positioning accuracy information within a few milliseconds. Due to the non-line-of-sight advantages of electromagnetic fields, the transmission range is large, and the size of the mark is relatively small and the cost is relatively low.

Fourth, base station positioning technology

Base station positioning can be roughly divided into three types from the principle of positioning calculation: positioning technology based on triangulation and operation, positioning technology based on scene analysis, and positioning technology based on proximity relationship. It is mainly to estimate the position of a moving target by using the change of signal attenuation caused when the moving target approaches or moves away from the base station. If the signal power from a moving target is known, then when measuring the signal power at another point, a certain propagation model can be used to estimate the distance between the moving target and that point.

The above is the application of RFID and other Internet of Things technologies introduced by RFID Tag Sticker Manufacturer during the epidemic.

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